• Ultra-Wealthy Donor Stewardship

    Uncommon Philanthropy

  • Passion Projects

    How you change as you bring change to others

    You wake up in the morning and it's something that drives your imagination. It makes your soul soar to consider achieving your dream. Together, we develop your idea, design a strategy and make it happen.

    Synergy and Partnerships

    True collaboration is growth

    It is not repetition or symbolism. To create meaningful change is to design synergy and partnership strategies that deliver on measurable achievements. The clarity of a strong partnership provides added value and raises everyone's experience and expectations.

    Philanthropic Design

    An art form at its core

    Philanthropic Design incorporates goals, relationships, accountability and a cutting-edge approach to ensuring the outcome of your philanthropy is developed from the start. If you want to find the best way to make the most meaningful change, find your peace of mind through a Philanthropic Design Experience.