• Philosophy

  • Can your giving be better?

    Want to accomplish even more?

    Yes, and yes.

    Optimize Your Leadership,

    Collaboration & Board Experience


    Cutting edge options & world-class expertise.


    Inspiring and neutral, I help people resolve tough issues, create new revenue streams, think differently and solve problems. Whether speaking to a group, training staff, creating a new policy or developing a new strategy, I'm an expert communicator with the ability to keep groups focused on actionable outcomes.


    My skills are used to participate in all phases of the client project requirements and can support/participate/contribute to business development and another management and leadership processes.

    Optimize Your Donor Experience


    The goal is never simply to give money away.


    Celebrities lend their names; politicians say they will help; companies give time and money; generous people like you devote themselves to start-ups, worthy causes, turn-arounds, upgrades and yet -- have you considered that there is a better way to do more? That there is greater value related to your leadership and giving?


    We are living in the midst of generational change - both in wealth and in mindset. Through your donation, you are giving a part of yourself to the world -- your vision and your values. This is your imprint. These are the most important investments of your life.


    The money and time you donate could and should have greater impact.


    Though many challenges face our community, our country and our world, the opportunities for making it better abound. Donors, leaders and potential donors want to know they are making the greatest difference in achieving their goals.

    I promise to help get you there.