• Cutting-edge Experiences

    Uncommon Perspectives

  • Israel Lab

    Discussing and understanding Israel

    At once, the Israel Lab relieves organizational leaders, families and friends from having the same conversation that results in greater distance from Israel and organizational involvement.


    The Israel Lab accomplishes a miracle: an outcome that brings every participant the feeling of gratitude for Israel.


    Half-day and retreat programs curated to fit your complex life and schedule.

    Power Diaspora Lab

    Add value to your heritage

    Build here and there. Grow here and there. Celebrate your roots and understand how to add value to your heritage and traditions while looking ahead and growing your future.


    Designed for every diaspora -- our time together explores the proven models that create and align with your values.


    In connecting your roots and your fruit, your children and your children’s children will have better choices and a richer heritage to share and safeguard.

    Emeritus Lab

    What more can our best people do?

    Organizations, leaders and boards are tasked to be extraordinary advocates who can answer a million questions, represent a cause, safeguard people and respond to their community at an exhausting pace.


    Designed for leaders, boards and teams, the Emeritus Lab creates a shift in the essence of thinking about the vastness of your goals, the burden of your budget and understanding the attractiveness and value of your offerings to your community.