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  • Three Tables

    An immediate solution and consensus

    From a few hours to half-day and total retreat experiences, Three Tables is an outcome of my experience working on the Middle East Peace Process, as an advisor to a Prime Minister and working with innovative ecosystems, boards, social impact and grant making.
    Three Tables is driven by a dream you want to achieve or a problem that we come together to solve. The outcome of Three Tables is an immediate solution, consensus and the deeper relationships that result from shared experiences.
    The first table allows for straight talk that unburdens stress and establishes a shared baseline for development.
    The second table builds from the baseline and develops innovative, actionable and realistic next steps.


    The third table develops the timeline, the accountability and shared responsibility to make it all happen.

    Israel Lab

    Discussing and understanding Israel

    For any group of friends or organizations who want to develop a new way to build consensus in discussing and understanding Israel. At once, the Israel Lab relieves organizational leaders, families and friends from having the same conversation that results in greater distance from Israel and organizational involvement.


    The Israel Lab is an outcome of my 30 years experience at the epicenter of Israeli innovation, politics, social impact, philanthropy and global relationships. Putting to good use game theory, asymmetrical strategy that leverage Masters Degree from Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the Israel Lab accomplishes a miracle: an outcome that brings every participant UP to the feeling of Jerusalem and living in these modern times along side the proud State of Israel.


    Half-day and retreat programs curated to fit your complex life and schedule.

    Diaspora Lab

    Add value to your heritage

    It is imperative to build here and there. To grow here and there. To celebrate your roots and understand how to add value to your heritage and traditions while looking ahead and growing your future.


    Designed for every diaspora (Asian, Indian, Iranian, Turkish, Arab, Hispanic, Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Jewish), our time together explores the proven models that create and align with your values.


    In connecting your roots and your fruit, your children and your children’s children will have better choices and a richer heritage to share and safeguard.

    Liberty Lab

    UP to a new level of discourse

    Based on my experience with citizenship, immigration, counter-terrorism, politics and civil society, I know how to expand mindsets and share knowledge. Soaring far above the day-to-day social media frenzies, the Liberty Lab is an info-taining program that strengthens shared values and protects liberty beyond the sound bite.


    Designed for CEO’s and boards who find their leadership teams or membership at odds, the Liberty Lab gives everyone a lift UP to a new level of discourse and an expanded way to build, or salvage, meaningful relationships.

    Mindset Lab (stop fundraising)

    Where the business of business fits in

    Organizations, leaders and boards are tasked to be extraordinary advocates who can answer a million questions, represent a cause, safeguard people and respond to their community at an exhausting pace.


    So where does the business of the business fit in? Who are you learning from to ensure you stop fundraising and start talking ROI?


    Designed for leaders, boards and teams, the Mindset Lab creates a shift in the essence of thinking about the burden of your budget and understanding the attractiveness and value of your offerings to your community. In a short time, we use your platforms and revolutionize the how and why around your budget and revenue streams.


    Through a fast paced and very honest conversation, we uncover the needs a creative new approach will meet. From there, we create ‘organizational hacks’ to get your budget moving Up, UP and UP!