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    From innovative technology, to innovative policy to smart philanthropy and visionary leaders, I work with passionate people who have one thing in common: they want their organizational leadership to achieve even more.


    An accomplished political scientist, founder, leader and executive advisor, I have over twenty years of success in international development at the cross-roads of cultures, governments, businesses and organizations. I think in terms of ecosystems, value-creation, meta networks, security, civil-society and strategy.


    My wide-ranging perspective could only happen in this Silicon Age. From advising a prime minister to leading change with cybersecurity Fortune 50 organizations, I leverage my experience with global immigration, counter-extremism, education security and civil society to lead and create change.


    I have worked with over 600 CEO's, civic leaders and organizations representing more than 100 countries, served as Executive Director of The Rabin Alliance (founded after assassination of Israeli Prime Minister) and Senior Program Officer at the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation.


    An American-Israeli, my work helps people and organizations to accelerate impact, revenues, public engagement and organizational capacity. I have analyzed, managed, evaluated and developed large-scale change with business and civic leaders during crises and across complex ecosystems.


    Celebrating the 12th anniversary of Uncommon Power this year, I focus my time working with ultra high net worth individuals and their professional teams in designing asymmetric solutions that extend the power of their vision, leadership and impact. Bringing innovative meta-solutions, and creating multi-lateral impact, I work with signatories of the Giving Pledge, Forbes Top Givers, CEOs, entrepreneurs and civic leaders.


    I am a graduate of the University of Wisconsin and have a Masters in Political Science from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.





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    I'm in South Florida. Call me at 917-406-0100.