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    Join a Prime Minister and 600 CEOs, civic leaders, board members, entrepreneurs and Forbes Top Givers, from every culture and region, and gain from an experience with Pamela Dubin, Philanthropy Lifecoach.

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  • “Wow. She’s a one woman McKinsey and Michelangelo.” Barbara Corcoran from Shark Tank


    “Pamela has a way to bring out the best in people. She helps them excel.” Former Prime Minister of Israel Ehud Barak


    “She tells me the truth. She made me think bigger than I ever imagined. I won’t let her go.” President of Center For America, Steve Nowlan


    “In just a few minutes your wise comments let me to know that were not born; you, like the Goddess Athena, sprouted straight from the head of Zeus. I am convinced that some supernatural force sent you down to rescue me. What is your fee structure for helping? I will call you to arrange an appointment. US Congressman Owens


    “There are many reasons that we want you on our board – honesty, experience, asking the right questions, provoking us to think about what we do in every meeting and thinking more about how to close deals. But even more important is that we share same mindset and --- we like you as person." CEO & CTO cloud-based data company


    “Pamela's unmatched expertise, passion and professionalism make her an ideal person to help travelers experience the transformative power of a trip to Israel……..Pamela's approach is unique and effective......I can attest to Pamela's high standard of excellence... I urge you to consider utilizing her services for a trip that would be a true investment in your leadership and self-actualization." Governor Brad Henry, Oklahoma


    Pamela’s presentation was the most dynamic highlight of the conference. She made us laugh and cry. And laugh. C.A. Sherman Retired CIA Officer


    “Pamela is the best facilitator and philanthropic advisor. Having worked with her for over a decade on the world’s largest philanthropic and educational experience in Israel, birthright, she has great depth in understanding and transmitting lessons in all aspects of leadership in free societies. (military, government, business, education and the social sectors).” Ze’ev Boneh, General Manager Kenes Tours

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