I help move power, people, and ideas into growth and sustainability mode

Globally, nationally and locally

Proven and trusted in transformative times


25+ years experience: leadership, strategy, financial acumen and innovation


Proven record helping entrepreneurial ventures, people and partnerships develop and impact next generations


700+ clients. Steward and help
incredible people
rise to the top

“I made it possible, Pamela made it happen”

“She's better than James Carville and McKinsey combined”

“What gives light must endure burning”

“It’s a long shot aspiration, but you know it can be done.  So you call Pamela. What happens next is amazing”

“Pamela doesn’t tell me to read another book or go through another process. She short-circuits the noise and focuses me on the greatest value”

"If you are frustrated, heartbroken or an apprehensive, move past it by calling Pamela”

I'm Pamela, nice to meet you!

My premise and my promise

I help solve vexing problems facing decision-makers and leaders in the face of accelerated upheaval and transformation.

I teach leaders...

  • how to integrate their intellects, experience, and imaginations
  • how to arrive at more meaningful decisions and outcomes
  • how to maximize impact through multilateral and strategic partnerships
  • how to break their own paradigms
  • how to re-imagine their use of existing resources
  • how to navigate turbulent moments, even when a survivable outcome does not seem plausible.

These are my tools:

  • Broad cross-sector and global apex experiences
  • Original, heterodox, and creative thought leadership

How I work:

  • Trusted and confidential conversations
  • Sometimes uplifting, sometimes raw and candid
  • Adapt to a client’s individual situation, never a pre-determined plan
  • Unexpectedly casual and highly effective.
  • Always inspirational!



I help people create new revenue streams, resolve tough issues, think differently and solve problems. I build enduring relationships that transcend short-term trends.

My work with clients is valuable, specific and applicable to you exclusively. I want every client I work with to be sure: your confidential conversations are private and secure.

My work is in-tune to the current moment. We focus on pragmatic actionable opportunities and how the "stars can align".

original thinking
neutral & unbiased




  • Innovation, technology, energy
  • Diplomacy, democracy, counter-terrorism, think-tanks
  • Security, national Security
  • Policy, politics, development, wars and economic downturns
  • Social impact, healthcare, hospitality
  • Telecommunications, education
  • Culture, arts, faith, evidence-based research, game theory
CEO & Board
& Development
Donor Advising
& Stewardship

I Work With People Like You

Business. My experience includes many key and emerging leaders, entrepreneurs and 700+ CEO's, board members and civic leaders from 100+ countries, spanning 4 generations.

Diplomacy. My clients also include former CIA, National Guard and US Military Veterans, Diplomats and policy experts working with prominent think-tanks.

Philanthropy. My philanthropic clients (corporate, single family offices and foundations) are relieved to find that there is more than PR, when they are bored by another high-cost and unrealistic PR/Diversity proposal, when they are unfulfilled by their philanthropic outcomes and are tired of the limited imagination of their lawyers and consultants.

key & emerging leaders
elected leaders
Forbes Top Givers
single family offices
philanthropic foundations
ex-US military

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