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    + Innovative Philanthropic Strategy

    + Fulfillment of Life & Legacy Goals

    +Visionary New Achievement Marks for High Achievers

    Serving UHNW Ecosystems


    For over 20 years, we have helped passionate people and organizations

    design and implement creative strategies that are current to the pulse of our world.

    Our work together is focused on increasing productivity and efficiency while

    reducing costs and driving growth across private, public, policy/government and civil society sectors.

  • Services

    Philanthropy Lifecoach

    Philanthropy Lifecoaching is a relatively new field. It harnesses tradition and communal responsibility with vision, strategy, data, stewardship, leadership and extensive global experience across all cultures and regions.


    High-achievers who want Silicon Age critical thinking to inform their leadership & philanthropy choose Philanthropy Lifecoaching services.


    Speaking, Seminars & Retreats

    Since 1990 our programs and seminars have been used to brief, lead and facilitate critical thinking in board rooms, private homes and on retreats and getaways.. An expert political scientist and trusted advisor for over 20 years, I further your impact through curated presentations and speaking on topics including:


    Global Affairs, Religion, Politics, Civil Society, Security, Entrepreneurism, Education, Healthcare, Israel and Counter-terrorism.

    High Achievers & Social Impact

    For highly accomplished individuals from every culture, region and from all walks of life, who seek to transform themselves for roles of exponential impact at the local, national, and global levels.

  • Our Impact

    Join a Prime Minister, a King, Queen, Forbes Top Givers and over 600 CEOs,

    philanthropic/civic leaders, board members and entrepreneurs from every culture and region.

    Start-Up - $4B organizations

    Helping visionaries and their organizations grow and add value.


    Of Grant Making Strategy & Innovation

    100 Countries & 600 organizations

    It's a small world after all

    3 Generations & 3,000 years

    Multi-generational and future visioning

  • Trust Data

    According to the Edelman Trust Barometer 2018

    • In a time of collapsing trust, technical experts are trusted by a whopping 63%
    • Only 54% trust peers and friends 
    • Only 33% trust government 
    According to the US Trust Study on Philanthropy
    • 59% of wealthy donors are unsatisfied with their philanthropic conversations
    • 48% off wealthy donors do not have a philanthropic strategy
    • 73% of wealthy donors want to discuss and share their values, interests and goals
    • 55% of wealthy donors believe their donations will be used unwisely
    • 58% of wealthy donors lack the knowledge for maximum impact and fear increased donor requests

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